Textured Area Map Customizable 11.25"
Textured Area Map Customizable 11.25"
Textured Area Map Customizable 11.25"
Textured Area Map Customizable 11.25"
Textured Area Map Customizable 11.25"

Textured Area Map Customizable 11.25"

Regular price $89.00

11.25" x 11.25" White/natural textured map of requested area with text optional

CUSTOMIZABLE (see PRICING below and further details before purchasing)

Included in price tiers:

1. LOCATION  of your choice

a. You can email me a square screenshot of requested area (at avaberrylane@gmail.com) or note the location and I can help choose a distance that will allow for the most aesthetic overview

2. DOT on selected specific location (if desired)

3. TEXT  noting the location, in an area chosen by the artist depending on the orientation of the map requested. Text is in black and slightly distressed.

a. Suggested length of text is approximately MAX 17 CHARACTERS (including spaces) per line, MAX 2 lines.  More text can potentially be accommodated but will depend on the layout of your location choice. Artist has the right to turn down text requests if they will take away from the overall look of the piece

b. Some text requests may COST extra depending on their length or be turned down

c. Maps with a majority of textured land and a body of water as the focal point, will also include an additional non-textured area for text if it is requested. See attached map of LAKE TAHOE for reference

d. Text will be in the standard font, typically in a mix of all caps and cap/lowercase (see examples) depending on the text chosen. Placement and usage of capitals ultimately is artists choice but requests can be made



All maps come FRAMED with natural birch veneer and ready-to-hang with sawtooth hanger

Maps are hand-textured. They are not meant to represent accurate topography

We have yet to turn down a map request but there is that possibility.  If a chosen location is too complicated for this medium and won't turn out well, it may ultimately be denied



Everyone will purchase a base price map and then be invoiced if there are any additions depicted below:

89.00  Base price for maps that include minimal high-level detail.  See BLANK (no text) map of CHICAGO attached for reference

99.00  Mid-range detail, including many straight and a few higher detailed lines (such as rivers, inlets, etc). See CAPE MAY, NJ  and LAKE TAHOE maps attached for reference

109.00 High detail, more than 2-3 separate land forms within the square, or a high level of detail within those landforms.  See APOSTLE ISLAND and CAPTIVA ISLAND maps attached for reference

As stated above, additional text above the recommended number of characters may be subject to additional cost or may be denied all together


You can always EMAIL me at avaberrylane@gmail.com to discuss your custom piece before purchasing if you are unsure what pricing will be



Maps are fully sealed but should be treated with care.  Dust with microfiber cloth, avoid moisture.



This is a handmade, artistic product.  It is not meant to represent a completely accurate map of a specific area or areas and should not be used as such