About ABL


Ava Berry Lane began as a logo and a dream in 2014.

I am a wife and mom of two, believer and lifetime creative. I married my high school love in 2006 and like most early-marrieds, our home decor budget was zero!  I have always loved decorating and design so I built and crafted much of our decor myself. 

In 2014 I started a facebook page to share the items I was making. Paintings, faux capiz shell chandeliers and wooden trays graced the internet and to my surprise, friends and family started requesting decor items for their own homes.

It wasn’t until January 2015 that I made my first monogram round. I had been dreaming it up for a long time, picturing it on our front porch entryway to add a personal touch and some rounded edges. I asked my husband for a jigsaw for Christmas, trolled Craigslist for free reclaimed wood and the first round was born! I posted a photo of it on my brand new Instagram account (@avaberrylane) and the response was amazing.

At least once a week I was getting requests for a custom round and each time I posted a photo I got another order.  I was so grateful, with two little kids at home, that orders were coming at a pace I could handle but also amazed they were coming consistently at all.

Within a few months, my social media following grew exponentially and pretty soon I was swimming in more round orders than I could keep up with!  I took a risk and decided to try listing only pre-built rounds instead of taking fully custom orders and was shocked to see them all sell out within minutes of listing every time. Three years later I am still hosting scheduled round restocks every couple of weeks and every time I am amazed and overwhelmed as they’re all quickly snatched up!

I never even thought to DREAM of having a full-time home decor business that I could run from my home but thanks to all of you I have been blessed to work at something I absolutely adore. More than 2,000 rounds later, I am so grateful for the most amazing customers and this incredible, supportive online community.


I am so humbled and inspired by the incredible support of this community of makers, business owners, home decor enthusiasts and customers who keep me going!  I know it was not by my own merit that this dream came to be and I’m grateful for the opportunity to help others love their homes well, inspire other creatives and build a business that I'm truly passionate about!


- Kathryn