Thank you so much for expressing interest in being a part of Ava Berry Lane’s new expanded branding campaign!  As we begin this new and untested adventure together, I have an outline for how it will work but portions are negotiable and will vary from business to business and product to product.


The overview of my vision is this.  I want to expand Ava Berry Lane to offer more products than the wood work that I am producing while simultaneously offering other small businesses access to the large volume of customers that visit my restock sales, Instagram page and other social platforms.  It is of utmost importance to me that this be mutually beneficial for your business and mine, so I’m looking for businesses who would benefit from ABL marketing to sell potentially more items but at a wholesale cost up until the moment at which you feel you would be able to sell that volume at full price yourselves!  I want this to be a partnership that allows you to continue to grow your own brand while using ABL to help boost sales.



I am looking for a variety of products that I love and fit the ABL brand.  I am interested in entertaining partnerships with jewelry makers, candle or bath and body shops, home decor makers, print or other fine artists, apparel shops, home and kitchen products (useable items such as cutting boards, dishes, utensils, etc) and more!  If you feel your product(s) would fit seamlessly within the Ava Berry Lane brand, I want to hear from you!



Products would be listed in the Ava Berry Lane shop at avaberrylane.com and marketed as ABL items in this manner, “product made by [your company name] for Ava Berry Lane”.  I would list a certain number of items in my shop and as they sold would send you the agreed upon wholesale amount for each product plus the shipping cost paid for by the customer.  



YOU would be responsible for having the items listed ready to ship from your location (or ready to ship within a specific turn around time).  Items will need to include some type of ABL branding for shipment but that will vary per item type.  I would provide ABL stickers to affix to items or boxes for example and would need to okay the other packaging (tissue paper, boxes, use of your stamps/tags, string for affixing labels, etc).  If any changes need to be made to packaging during our partnership, I would need for them to be run by me first to ensure ABL appropriate branding. After purchases are made through my website, you would be sent payment as well as the order and shipping information for each purchase.  You would need to email me a copy of the shipping confirmation immediately so I can mark items as shipped for customer notification.  I recognize this is not a typical way to work wholesale but it is the most practical way for me to expand with an ever-changing flow of products being offered without having to put significant time into shipping many different types of new items myself.



Wholesale pricing is negotiable based on product type and must include the cost to you for product packaging (this amount will be covered by the customer when paying shipping but will factor into your margins when agreeing upon a price).  If you are new to wholesaling, Etys has a great post here (https://www.etsy.com/seller-handbook/article/the-art-of-pricing-preparing-for/24768516373) about choosing wholesale pricing and deciding if wholesale is for you.


What I Need From You

  1. An informal proposal including product photos (or options of products for me to choose from or to design together), your proposed wholesale price as well as what your product would normally retail at.
  2. I will then review your proposal, we can talk through details if needed and decide if this would be a good fit for ABL’s expanded brand!  If it is decided that I’d like to move forward, I will ask you send me a sample product made exactly to the specifications you would like to sell through ABL.  I will be responsible for photographing the item(s) for marketing purposes as well as seeing/using the products in person to determine that a partnership is beneficial before a final contract is set.


Each wholesale partnership will be unique and I’m excited to start this process with you!  If it doesn’t end up working for our brands to collaborate, this by no means your items aren’t of high quality!  I am very particular in the types of items I want to market through Ava Berry Lane but love your excitement in this process and willingness to work through details together.  I look forward to hearing from you!

If interested please email Kathryn at avaberrylane@gmail.com.