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5 Things I Learned: 100 Selfies in 100 Days

I started this thing.   See, I own a business and take all my own product photos and social media which turned into heyyyy.. a lot. of. selfies.  The thing is, over time I started to learn things from taking my own photo on the regular-- things about myself, things about marketing, things about communication. I decided to take on a challenge. 100 selfies in 100 days. The rules? 1. Take it myself. 2. No prep. No filters. Whatever I look like that day, that's it. 3. The photo has to encompass the general feeling of that day. Depressed?  Elated? Make-uped? Hungover? Exhausted? Excited?  Over it? They're all invited.  For 100 days. The hilarious part of all this is it...

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