Knit Luxury Pima Cotton Washcloth // Gray

Knit Luxury Pima Cotton Washcloth // Gray

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Handmade by Yarn and Suches for Ava Berry Lane.

These super-soft washcloths are each knit by hand from the highest quality cotton.  Perfect for everyday use and surprisingly exfoliating while sensitive enough for faces and use on babies and children.

- 100% Luxury Pima Cotton

- Each cloth measures approximately 9" x 9"

- Keep their shape when washed

- Listing is for a single washcloth


For best wear, machine wash warm on gentle cycle.  Tumble dry low/no heat. To keep optimum shape, do not twist or wring.

Each washcloth is made by hand & made to order.  Items will be shipped from Yarn and Suches within 4-6 days of purchase. Shipping may not be combined with items shipped from Ava Berry Lane or other Ava Berry Market sellers.

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